Submissions for 2023 are now open!

Please apply via this form

Deadline: Midnight, 13 Nov (GMT)

Your submission include a brief outline of the concept / narrative / theme / experience / vibe that will tie your mixtape together. It could be as abstract or as literal as you like. Previous mixtapes have explored a wide range of themes including: dad music, art school life, a hellish drive, imaginary movie soundtracks, the number 13, chronic pain, crocodiles, a familiar bus journey, an alien abduction, a cooking soundtrack, living with OCD, the working lives of insects, fleeting crushes, brutalist buildings, race and identity, and a love letter to a home country. (That’s just a few! Browse the back catalogue for more 👀).

Your artwork is the visual response to your mixtape – this project celebrates the relationship between music and visual art from cassette sleeve doodles to illustrated record sleeves. You don’t have to know exactly what you’d like to create when you submit, but if you want to include a rough sketch or a description, please do. Don’t submit finished work! We’ll ask you to finish your mixtape and artwork if your submission is selected.