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🎵 IT175: Midnight
✏️ formyths
🗓 24.08.22

formyths is an illustrator and comics maker based in New York, USA.

Howdy! Can you tell us a little bit about your tape and your song selections?

My mix is trying to capture a very late night feeling. Everything's very hazy or maybe very clear, and you're certain that either you're doomed to a very personal apocalypse, or that you'll be able to do anything, and you're trapped forever in the moment but maybe it's a good thing you'll never find out which way it goes. There are some songs I'd consider calming and some that feed a little more into those threads of anxiety and foreboding.

What direction did you take with your cover art, and what was your process?

I initially had a very different idea for this — some sort of scene of sitting on a bed by a window, but I felt that was maybe too literal and boring. I've been playing around with similar styles of illustration that feel more like patterns and symbols than full scenes, and I decided that might be a more fun way to get the scattered, strange feelings I wanted across. 

What are your fave album covers, records with a great music and artwork combo, or musical projects with a visual component?

I'm extremely bad at recalling things, but out of what I can remember listening to recently I really like the visual chaos of Shan Shui by Night Swimmer. The handwritten characters are fun, and I think the collaged feel definitely reflects the blend of digital and traditional in the album.

SHAN SUI – Night Swimmer
2019, Self-released
What did you listen to growing up?

Whatever my parents were playing, which ended up mostly being what they were listening to growing up: canto and mandopop ballads, and then other pop from the time like ABBA and the Carpenters. Also a lot of Enya.

And what’s on heavy rotation for you at the moment?

I've been listening to more electronic/experimental/ambient work lately, both as a way to focus and to get into particular moods for whatever I'm working on. A lot of my current favorites are Chinabot releases—I think their compilation albums are a great intro to the collective.

What’s happening in your creative world at the moment?

I'm currently working on some short comics, which are taking up most of my free time so I don't have a lot to share publicly at the moment. You can see some of my progress on my Patreon, though.

Where can we find you?


Thanks formyths 👋🏽