🎵 IT020: Nice one bruva
✏️ Conner Perry
🗓 21.11.18

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Conner is an illustrator and printmaker based in Norwich.

Hey Conner! Can you tell us a little bit about your tape and your song selections?

My tape is a condensed collection of some of my favourite UK garage tracks. It’s a bit of a mix of songs that I’d hear around the house as a kid, as well as some stuff I’ve discovered after deep diving into the genre as a grown up.

How did you go about the artwork for the tape?

Garage is such a British sound, more specifically a London sound. I wanted to capture that within the artwork so I decided to draw a London scene of sorts. I tend to steer clear of drawing architecture but I really enjoyed breaking down some of the cities blocky and brutalist style buildings into simple shapes.

What are your fave album covers, records with a great music and artwork combo, or musical projects with a visual component?

In My Mind – Pharrell
2006, Star Trak
Artwork: Nigo

I used to be obsessed with Pharrell’s Bape style artwork for his solo album. It’s super noughties looking back at it, but it pairs with music and the artist perfectly.

3 Feet High and Rising – De La Soul
1989, Tommy Boy / Warner Bros.
Artwork: Grey Organisation

I also really love the art direction for De La Soul’s debut album. I’ve read that they absolutely hate it now, but the colours are great, although they themselves disagree I think it pairs with the album really nicely.

What did you listen to growing up?

Other than garage, I was exposed to a lot of R&B/Hip-hop of the 2000’s. Plenty of Ashanti, Ja Rule and anything produced by The Neptunes, especially Kelis. My sister is super into dancehall to so that was played a lot. I was surrounded by a lot of indie/emo kids in my teenage years but I still bumped T-Pain on the down low.

What’s happening in your creative world at the moment?

I recently took part in a group show called Octobercup, which involved designing a coffee cup with an October theme. That was good fun to make! I also designed a t-shirt with Everpress which came out nicely! A few other things will be popping up soon if I get my ass in gear.

Where to find Conner:

︎ connerperry.com
︎ connerperry94
︎ @connerperry01

Groove Chronicles (Noodles) - Stone Cold / Masterstepz - Melody (Original 98 Mix) / Sunship - In The Pocket / Dem 2 - Destiny (Dem 2 Radio Mix) / Amira - My Desire (Dreem Team Remix) / Gabrielle - Sunshine (Wookie Main Mix) / MJ Cole - Crazy Love / Lonyo - Summer Of Love [Radio edit] / Jeremy Sylvester - Realise / Wookie - Battle  / Roy Davis Jr. - Gabriel (Live Garage Version) / Shaun Escoffery - Space Rider (MJ Cole Vocal Mix) / Zed Bias - Neighbourhood (Radio Mix) / Sticky - Booo! (feat. Ms Dynamite) (Original Dirty Mix) / MJ Cole - Bandelero Desperado / Box Clever - Talk To Me / Newbody - Sunny Dayz / Huxley - Walk 2 U / Groove Chronicles (Noodles) - Faith in U / Moony - Without You / Sunship - I Request ︎