Illustrated Tapes 005: A Trip Out
Curated by Taaryn Brench

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Taaryn is an illustrator and designer based in Leeds, UK.

Hi Taaryn, Can you tell us a little bit about your tape and your song selections?

Hi Sam! My tape’s all about being the soundtrack to going for a walk and it features the likes of Lou Reed, Scott Walker, George Harrison and Kate Bush. Being chained to your desk all day isn’t so great, and when I get a bit worked up or I’m suffering from creative block, a brisk walk usually clears out the cobwebs of my mind and settles me back down. The tape starts out pretty chill with a bit of Jens Lekman to gently ease you into it before reaching a gradual crescendo to pep you up!

How did you go about the artwork for the tape?

I started out with a a few thumbnail sketches. And then filled loads of sheets of paper with expressive brush strokes and paper cuts. I then scanned them in and tidied them up in Photoshop and arranged my best marks into this composition.

What are your fave album covers, records with a great music and artwork combo, or musical projects with a visual component?

Ok don’t judge me for this one because I really don’t like the band!! But Sanna Annukka did some amazing artwork for Keane’s Under the Iron Sea.

Keane - Under The Iron Sea
2006, Island
Artwork: Sanna Annukka

British Sea Power - The Decline Of British Sea Power
2003, Rough Trade

British Sea Power - Open Season
2005, Rough Trade
Artwork: Jeff Teader, The Outying Station

What did you listen to growing up?

Oh man, 2004/2005 was so good for music when I was a teenager! I was really into Franz Ferdinand, Bloc Party, The Long Blondes, Forward Russia, British Sea Power, The Futureheads…I grew up near Leeds and the local music scene at that time just exploded with loads of amazing bands. I made a load of good pals through going to gigs several times a week and it was so cheap! You could see a line up of decent bands for under 8 quid!

What’s happening in your creative world at the moment?

I am now making ceramics and I am really enjoying it. I have also started using my animations to perform live visuals in gigs.

Where to find Marja:

︎ taaryn_b
︎ @taaryn_b


01. Jens Lekman - And I Remember Every Kiss
02. Lou Reed - Walk On the Wild Side
03. Jon Brion - Phone Call - Score
04. Scott Walker - Copenhagen
05. Scott Fagan - In My Head
06. George Harrison - My Sweet Lord
07. Ennio Morricone - Sospetti e tenerezze
08. Kraftwerk - Computer Love - 2009 Remaster
09. The Fall - Paintwork - Remastered
10. British Sea Power - Something Wicked
11. Talking Heads - (Nothing But) Flowers
12. Kate Bush - Suspended In Gaffa
13. Lemon Jelly - The Staunton Lick
14. Girl Ray - Trouble - Bonus Track
15. Alessi Brothers - Seabird
16. Roxy Music - Avalon
17. Bobby Short - I Happen to Like New York (From the New Yorkers) [Live @ the Carlyle]