🎵 IT ✕ International Women’s Day 2019
✏️ Jade Moore
🗓 08.03.19

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Jade is an illustrator and printmaker based between Cheltenham and South London

Happy IWD, Jade! Thanks for putting together this celebratory soundtrack for us - how did the theme inform your musical choices?

A playlist for International Women’s Day has to be representative and celebratory of all women, so I made a conscious effort to create a playlist that was inclusive of a range of female voices and musical styles.

I wanted this playlist to feel empowering and inspiring so I chose artists whose creativity, originality and confidence inspire me, and no doubt countless other women across the world. I tried to pick a balance of songs that expressed some different experiences of what it is to be a woman as well as songs that make you feel like an independent, defiant and confident woman.

What does IWD mean to you?

It’s an opportunity to honour those women who through history have fought for gender equality, and to celebrate and elevate those who continue to fight today, particularly those whose voices are marginalised in society.

International Women’s Day is a day of celebration of women and womanhood but it’s also important to remember and understand that every woman has a different story and a different day-to-day experience. IWD is an important day to recognise that being a woman is not the same experience for a white woman as it is to a black woman, an asian woman, a Latina, a disabled woman, a trans woman or a muslim woman. IWD serves as a reminder that we have to acknowledge these experiences and understand that women need each other in order for us to all be equals in society.

Can you tell us a little bit about your artwork for the tape?

A lot of my favourite albums by female artists feature the artist centre stage (for example, A Seat at the Table by Solange, Blood by Lianne La Havas, CrazySexyCool by TLC and Blue by Joni Mitchell to name a few). I’ve always loved these types of album covers where the woman is the sole figure, standing proud and defiant, so my artwork was an homage to this.

A Seat At The Table – Solange
2016, Columbia / Saint
Photography: Carlota Guerrero

Blood – Liane La Havas
2015, Warner Bros.
Photography: John-Paul Pietrus

CrazySexyCool - TLC
1994, LaFace
Photography: Dah Len

Blue – Joni Mitchell
1971, Reprise
Photography: Tim Considine

I chose to do a lino print for the powerful boldness, the immediacy and striking effect of the medium, which I feel reflects a lot of the songs in the playlist.

Who are some of your fave women in visual art?

Currently my favourite female illustrators/printmakers include Malika Favre, Helen Li, Laura Callaghan, Chiara Ghigliazza, Charlot Kristensen, Kat Flint, Sara Andreasson, Manjit Thapp, Marylou Faure, Gizem Vural, Núria Tamarit… honestly I could go on for ages. A great way to find new artists is searching through #visiblewomen on twitter and Instagram and looking at womenwhodraw.com. I’ve found so many artists I love looking at those pages, and seeing how many talented women there are making art always makes me so happy and inspired.

Some of my favourite female painters, whose striking depictions of women have always stayed with me, are Tamara de Lempicka, Frida Kahlo and Lotte Laserstein. When I was a kid my mum had a book about Lempicka and I remember flicking through it and being so in awe of the women she painted, and she’s been one of my favourite artists ever since.

And how about from world of music?

Other than those previously mentioned, there are so many female musicians I’ve listened to growing up as well, as young up-and-coming female artists I’ve discovered more recently (most of whom feature in this playlist). Some of my favourites include Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, Amy Winehouse, Laura Marling, First Aid Kit, Janelle Monae, Sade, Kehlani, Syd, Kali Uchis, Jamila Woods, Charlotte Dos Santos, Joy Crookes, Little Simz, Sampa the Great, Erykah Badu, Nadia Rose, Noname and Nao. Recently I’ve been listening to Biig Piig, Ray BLK, Mahalia, King Princess, JONES, Rosalía and Cleo Sol.

What did you listen to growing up?

I’ve always had pretty varied tastes; growing up in South London I was so lucky to live in an area that exposed me to so many different kinds of music. I used to spend hours watching MTV channels (mostly MTV Rocks and MTV Base) when I was a kid, so I mostly listened to rock, indie and R&B. I also went through a pretty intense emo phase for a few years, but I won’t go there. My dad has always really been into music and he works as a mastering engineer so I’ve been introduced to a lot of old rock, folk, pop and soul music by him throughout my life.

What’s happening in your creative world at the moment?

At the start of the year I left my home in London and relocated to Cheltenham, so at the moment I’m just keeping myself busy with personal work and developing my portfolio, whilst looking into what collaborative and creative opportunities the area has to offer. I’ve really been having fun drawing and making things that I enjoy, planning future projects and trying to identify my ‘style’ in my work. I’m always open to commissions or collaborations though, or just a friendly chat, so feel free to get in touch!

Where to find Jade:

︎ jade.moore.illustration
︎ @jademooreillo
︎ /Jade.moore.illustration 


Sampa the Great - F E M A L E / Jamila Woods - Blk Girl Soldier / Solange - Weary / Nina Simone - I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free / Ibeyi - No Man Is Big Enough for My Arms / Kali Uchis - Miami (feat. BIA) / Noname - Self / Laura Mvula - Phenomenal Woman / Lianne La Havas - Green & Gold / Cleo Sol - Why Don't You / Joy Crookes - Man's World / Janelle Monáe - I Like That / Little Simz - Offence / Syd - Shake Em Off / Kali Uchis - Ridin' Round / Kehlani - How That Taste / Erykah Badu - Tyrone (live) / Charlotte Dos Santos - It's Over, Bobby / Amy Winehouse - Stronger Than Me / RAY BLK - Empress / RAYE - Flowers / Mahalia - I Wish I Missed My Ex / Ivy Sole - My Way / King Princess - Holy / ROSALÍA - DI MI NOMBRE - Cap.8: Éxtasis / Nao - Feels Like / TLC - Red Light Special / Aretha Franklin - (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman ︎