IT×EU: A Handful of Stars

Curated by Sam Ailey

Sequenced playlist, made to be played in order.

* * *

This mixtape is a celebration of the European Union and its values of peace, friendship, and community on the day that the UK marks its departure.

There are 28 tracks, each representing one of the EU member states as they stand on 31st January 2020. It’s an eclectic mix of artists both prolific and obscure, established and emerging. 

Being European has always been an important part of my identity, and I feel that today more than ever. Here’s to continuing to have more in common than that which divides us.

Ornella Vanoni 🇮🇹
Daft Punk 🇫🇷 
MØ 🇩🇰
Hare Squead 🇮🇪
Tondchee 🇸🇰
Zwangere Guy 🇧🇪
Sevdaliza 🇳🇱
Mutanti Hledaj Východisko 🇨🇿
Borusiade 🇷🇴
Kraftwerk 🇩🇪
Sign Libra 🇱🇻


Fanu 🇫🇮
Argo Vals 🇪🇪
Skalpel 🇵🇱
Tricoolore 🇨🇾
The Word 🇦🇹
Diana Express 🇧🇬
Apelsin 🇪🇪
DAUJOTAS & Shishi 🇱🇹
Koala Voice 🇸🇮
Hinds 🇪🇸
Lemurian Folk Songs 🇭🇺
Rens Argoa 🇭🇷
Aphrodite’s Child 🇬🇷

No Metal in this Battle 🇱🇺

Dungen 🇸🇪



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